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In the Prosperity Sub-Index rankings, Armenia performs best on Education and Safety & Security and scores lowest on the Social Capital sub-index.

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Prosperity Gap

The ‘Prosperity Gap’ takes a country's GDP and uses it as the yardstick to measure a nation's expected Prosperity Index ranking.

Armenia’s prosperity deficit has increased threefold since 2007. Armenia may not be performing as well as Georgia but it is delivering more than three times more prosperity to its citizens than its neighbour Azerbaijan, despite having less than half the GDP per capita.

In the chart above, each dot represents a country. The curve shows the general tendency with which prosperity increases as GDP per capita increases. If a country falls below the curve, then we can say that compared to all other countries, it is under-delivering prosperity for its citizens. Likewise, if a country rises above the curve, then we can say that it is over-delivering prosperity for its citizens. Learn more about the Prosperity Gap here.

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Education in Armenia is a high priority and, ranked 56th in the 2016 Prosperity Index, it is the nation’s best performing sub-index. Since the turn of the century, the government has undergone numerous large scale reform efforts to improve the education system. Huge efforts have been made in raising literacy rates to 99.8% and in obtaining a 100% primary completion rate. Education quality exceeds the global average and tertiary education per worker surpasses that of its regional peers.

Overall education equality in Armenia is 9th best in the world, but enrolment of boys relative to girls continues to decrease. According to UNICEF, boys do not attend school as regularly as girls, achieve lower scores in tests, and are more likely to drop out. A likely reason for this phenomenon is that employment opportunities, especially in construction from which girls are excluded, offer more appealing opportunities than school. Armenia’s economy is too underdeveloped to value higher skilled professions – cases have been reported of minibus drivers and door handlers earning more than schoolteachers.

Armenia’s girls to boys enrolment ratio is significantly lower than that of its regional peers and the global average.
Armenia’s girls to boys enrolment ratio is significantly lower than that of its regional peers and the global average.

Social Capital is Armenia’s lowest-ranked sub-index and has fallen 16 ranks over the last decade to reach the global bottom ten. Armenian’s devotion to charitable activities is the lowest regionally and amongst the lowest in the world. This is reflected in the small number of people making donations and the 74% decline in the number of people spending time volunteering since 2007. Over the last decade, trust in the police have fallen by 7% and there has been a 65% decline in the number of Armenians voicing their opinions to a public official. Despite this low social cohesion, the country can still boast a high degree of interpersonal relations: 90% of respondents feel that they are treated with respect on a daily basis and 71% believe that they can count on friends and relatives in times of trouble. Armenians are 55% more satisfied with opportunities to make friends than in 2007. These factors suggest frequent cooperation at an individual level but that a wider sense of community has yet to be established. This will be vital to ensure more inclusive and stable growth in Armenia.

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