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Our Advisors

The Legatum Institute would like to thank the more than 100 advisors who have helped with the construction of the Prosperity Index and its component elements. You can find details of each of them in the downloadable PDFs below.

A diverse range of experts were engaged in the work, from academics, to researchers and policy leads from a wide variety of universities and other organisations. This broad collaboration enabled a comprehensive range of views to be captured and ensure the best outcome at each state of the review. In reaching a final position, the Legatum Institute synthesised all the expert views, and therefore the views expressed in materials and on this website are those of the Institute and do not necessarily reflect the individual views of the advisors.

Our advisors

Advisors on the Inclusive Societies domain: Download PDF

Advisors on the Open Economies domain: Download PDF

Advisors on the Empowered People domain: Download PDF