Creating the Pathways from Poverty to Prosperity

Social Capital stars in the developing world

From the 2016 Prosperity Index:

Where else outside the developed Commonwealth do we see the emergence of strong society?

Significant improvements in Social Capital have been recorded over the past ten years in Indonesia, Uruguay, Sri Lanka, Rwanda, and Mongolia. Consistent performance has been seen in the Philippines, which ranks 21st. Yet, not all combine strong society with comparatively free people and opening markets. Those that do have significant potential for future prosperity, be they towards the bottom of the Index, or within the top 30.

Both Mongolia (76th overall) and Rwanda (88th) have seen small improvements in Personal Freedom. However, Rwanda has also seen its markets opening and its labour market become increasingly flexible. It has risen from 110th to 35th in the Business Environment since 2007. Mongolia too has seen trade barriers fall and its market grow increasingly competitive. Uruguay (28th) combines its social capital with the sixth freest people in the world, and slowly improving market competitiveness.