Creating the Pathways from Poverty to Prosperity

Prosperity is...

Michael Gove
03 November, 2016

"Prosperity is a critical means to advancing the real end of politics—human flourishing. Prosperous societies can invest in allowing each individual to develop the virtues and values, character and competences which make them authors of their own life stories"

Conn Iggulden
03 November, 2016

"Prosperity is the politeness of policemen, the solicitor who helped me and said "Think of this as a perk of civilised society". Prosperity is not being turned away from A&E; it is libraries; it is all those drivers who stopped when my dad fell. It is the couple who called the ambulance on my mother's last day. Prosperity is in peace, in politeness and in kindness. Without those things, money isn't much comfort - and without them, no one is truly prosperous"

Raphaelle Bischoff
03 November, 2016

"When I hear the word prosperity I think about growing old and developing as a person, a bit like a tree - starting small and expanding. This is how I see prosperity - personal development, the people around you, doing something positive."

Frank Field
03 November, 2016

"We in society prosper when we are helped to break free of the life we wouldn’t otherwise have chosen. Whether we’re helped to break free from a life of slavery, poverty, or hunger, our ability to improve our life chances is what allows us, ultimately, to prosper."

Iain Duncan Smith
03 November, 2016

"Prosperity is about wellbeing and people feeling they have the opportunity and ability to both run and enjoy their lives. Real national prosperity is when all income groups feel they have a full share in their nations prosperity."

Nancy Albanese
02 November, 2016

"Prosperity is when a person feels they don't need anything else to make them feel complete, and they have enough that they can offer themselves to others, so it becomes a bi-directional force where that person’s own sense of prosperity influences others around them, and those people in turn are lifted up and feel they have more of their needs meet, allowing them to also give until it becomes an ever-expanding field of energy."

Hardeep Singh Kohli
03 November, 2016

"Prosperity is propulsion to move forward, to learn, and to employ the pain and joy of that experience to help others to prosper more easily. Also it’s having Star Trek"

Claude Moraes
03 November, 2016

"I am an immigrant from India to the UK and for me prosperity has always meant a sense of belonging, and freedom. Freedom in this sense means the freedom not to have to worry about where the next meal will come from and having an income to make choices. Personal prosperity also means living in a society which puts some value on a safety net for the most vulnerable and equality of opportunity for all. To me no society scarred by deep institutional racial or caste discrimination can ever truly be prosperous until it deals with it. And as a late father prosperity is having the energy to play with my 6 year old son."

Lord Daniel Finkelstein
03 November, 2016

"Both my parents are refugees from dictatorships. By the time they were twenty they had been exiled, imprisoned, starved, almost killed, separated from their parents. They had seen relatives die, their property confiscated and for years they had no home, no education and no security. Prosperity is: not that."

Evan Davis
03 November, 2016

"... having a sense that you are achieving worthwhile things for others, and that others appreciate you. We all want to be wanted, and when we feel we are, we know we have arrived in a wealthy place."