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The Legatum Centre for National Prosperity is dedicated to advancing the understanding of what drives success in nations and providing practical insights to policymakers, organizations and communities around the world to build their own pathways to prosperity.


Democracy Playbook

An Analysis of the development of political institutions as fundamental blocks to prosperity.


Realpolitik is back

The threat to global prosperity posed by the rise of China and Russia and the end of liberal dominance in international affairs.


Legatum Prosperity Index

Download the report, see the rankings, dive into the data.


Has Prosperity converged or diverged around the world?

A comparative analysis of the top performing countries with the least prosperous countries in the last decade.

What is Prosperity?

Outlining the elements that make a prosperous nation and a prosperous life


Prosperity Index 2023

Measuring how prosperity is forming and changing across the world

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Pathways to Prosperity

Understanding the ways that nations build their pathways to prosperity


Prosperity Around the World

Diagnosing the challenges and opportunities for individual nations on their pathways to prosperity

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