Creating the Pathways from Poverty to Prosperity

Prosperity is...

Geethika Jayatilaka
03 November, 2016

"Prosperity to me is very much about the wellbeing of my family - seeing my children grow up, be healthy, and to achieve their dreams. As a woman in my early 40s, it's also about thinking ahead - growing old - and to enjoy that next phase of my life."

Ruth Hunt
03 November, 2016

"Lesbian, gay, bi and trans people in Britain, and across the world, rarely relax. Even in places where we are legally protected, we spend our freedom cautiously, recognising that discrimination against LGBT people is still very present in everyday life. We can’t forget or ignore that at the moment. Prosperity to me means being free to be myself without having to be alert to how delicately and tenuously that freedom is held."

Patrick Kidd
03 November, 2016

"What makes me feel prosperous? Owning a large library of children's books, some of them old favourites from my own childhood and further back, that I can rediscover with my daughter; that as a grammar school boy from a not wealthy background I was fortunate enough to have a great education without my parents paying for it; that someone invented Cornish Cruncher with balsamic onions; that I can watch Test cricket and club rugby. Above all, perhaps, the knowledge that I can write rude things for a living about politicians and the worst that will happen is I get left off a Christmas card list."

Didi Hamann
03 November, 2016

"Prosperity for me is peace of mind more than anything. To not have to live with the pressure how to pay monthly outgoings as much as treating yourself and the family to a nice meal or a holiday"

Tony Robinson
03 November, 2016

"To Baldrick Prosperity is a spare turnip"

Iain Dale
03 November, 2016

"If you're financially and mentally in a position to do what you want, when you want, to me, that is the true definition of prosperity."

Sharon Lawton
03 November, 2016

"When we think of the word 'prosperity' we can automatically think of wealth, and the things we have. From my perspective, it's more about the non-tangible things - things like do I have access to a school; do I have access to healthcare - but all the inner things.. we can be materially-poor, but be rich in so many other ways: the love within our family; the ability to be comfortable within our own skin, enough to step out there and try something new because if you don't set your sights high, you'll always fall short."

Sue Kumleben
02 November, 2016

"Prosperity is not about dollars; it's not about possessions. They are signs of prosperity, but it's more about what it means 'to prosper' - and you don't prosper alone. We tend to view prosperity as an individual, quantifiable achievement - and it can't be that. No one can prosper without the rest of society prospering. It's about improvement, community, sharing, kindness. Prosperity should be viewed in a longer-term perspective. As long as you have a certain amount of money - and we do need some to survive and be happy - everything else immaterial."

Kelly McGrath
03 November, 2016

"Where the vital needs of a people is met within a sufficient time frame"

04 November, 2016

"Prosperity is the case when children are fed, learn and they do not look where is something edible and where to spend the night. Adults have a job that they do best, and it is paid for with a decent salary, when parents can afford the children they bring up, and educate conscientiously. When the pensioners receive a decent retirement for heavy work for years, and he can afford to get the medical help they need to cover living and a pleasure to meet with their grandchildren and spend a pleasant time together. Of course there is no question of excesses. When the country there is the law that all are equal, after principa- one law, one justice. Country where laws are not being applied as socks and gloves, or in simpler terms-how much will pay, the right. In my country it is a very, very distant dream. "